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October 15th. is the Feastday of St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila).

Fifty years ago Pope Paul VI

named St. Teresa

the first woman Doctor of the Church.

Her writings have the blessing of a ‘Teaching Position’ in the family of the Church.



If ever a saint had her heart in heaven

and her feet firmly on the ground –

it was Teresa of Jesus!


St. Teresa’s Bookmark

As a child St. Teresa loved to repeat: ‘Forever! Forever! Forever!’

She was trying to get a handle on the reality of eternity.

She is a great realist who knows, and teaches that:

‘All things pass – save God’ Whenever St. Teresa heard a clock strick she reminded herself, and others, that life was passing and it is not worth spending it on trifles.

The only thing that really matters is Love – love of God and true love of neighbour.

This is the only currency Teresa was interested in – because it is the only thing we can take with us when we die!

If all things pass away, well then, St. Teresa tells us that we better get interested in that which lasts forever

– God, who is Love.

The more love we sow in this life the happier we will be in heaven. so:




‘In You Lord, Creation finds its joy, you have clothed it in your beauty’

St. John of the Cross

Psalm 64:

To you our praise is due in Zion, O God.

To you we pay our vows, you who hear our prayer.

The ends of the earth stand in awe at the sight of your wonders,

The lands of sunrise and sunset you fill with your joy.

You care for the earth, give it water,

You fill it with riches.

You crown the year with your goodness. 

Abundance flows in your steps, 

 in the pastures of the wilderness it flows. 

The hills are girded with joy,

the meadows covered with flocks, 

The valleys are decked with wheat. 

They shout for joy.

‘In You lord, Creation finds its joy, you have clothed it in your beauty’

On 1 st. of September Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Orthodox and Evangelicals from all over the world united to celebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation which launched the ‘Season of Creation’, an ecumenical initiative that aims to increase awareness among Christians of the need to protect our common home. The Season of Creation runs from Sept. 1st. to Oct. 4th. Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology.

For more information see:



Living our Faith amidst the Covid 19 pandemic.


Who is she ascends so high,

Next the heavenly King,

Round about whom angels fly

And her praises sing?

This is she in whose pure womb

Heaven’s Prince remained;

Therefore in no earthly tomb

Can she be contained.


The month of August is usually the most beloved of months here in Knock.

The glorious Solemnity of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother Mary into heaven starts the Novena of Our Lady of Knock.

Although this year is a sad one –

as the Shrine may not open to the public on this great day.

This is because the usual crowds would be more than the ‘Covid 19’ law allows at present;

and how can you say “This many and no more!?”.

Let us not forget it was in a time of deep sadness and the distress of famine

that Mary came to us in 1879 – She will not fail us in 2020! 


16th of July Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Star of sea and ocean,

gateway to man’s haven,

Mother of our Maker,

hear our prayer, O Maiden.

Guard us through life’s dangers

never turn and leave us.

May our hope find harbour

in the calm of Jesus.

Sing to God the Father

through the Son who saves us.

Joyful in the Spirit,

everlasting praises.


                                           Aylesford Carmelite Priory, England.

God does not ask us

to be brave

but to trust –

nor does He ask us

to do great things

but to clothe ourselves

in the holiness of

His Merciful Son – Jesus.




This has been very different Easter for us all

but the hope of the Risen Lord is ours to proclaim!


Rejoice,  heavenly powers!

Sing choirs of angels!

Exult all creation around

God’s Throne!

Jesus Christ, our King is risen!

Rejoice, O earth in shining splendour,

Christ has conqured! Glory fills you!

Darkness vanishes for ever!




The Cross of Christ unites our world

as we face a crisis

unlike any other in living memory.

All the ceremonies of the great Holy Days

will be celebrated in closed Cathedrals and Parish

Churches – without any congregation.


However, thanks to the wonders of technology we are invited, by the Church,

to join in the ceremonies via radio, television or Livestream.

If we are not able to do this, we can join with them in spirit.

Our Carmelite saints teach that

if we are unable to access the Sacraments

the Lord can still pour the grace of the Sacraments upon us

as His love is not limited by circumstance.

Let us pray for each other as we are celebrate

    The Last Supper




The Passion, death –

and the Glorious Resurrection

of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

The following website holds some beautiful meditations for Holy Week.

 Emmaus Productions has kindly allowed free access in these troubled times.

Just go to the Emmaus Productions Website


from the Benedictine Community Silverstream


‘In the inner stillness

where meditation leads,

the Spirit

secretly annoints the soul

and heals our deepest wounds’

St. John of the Cross









The Holy Name of Jesus – January 3rd. 


January 1st. 2020  Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God  and World day of Prayer for Peace

Hail Mary full of grace,

the Lord is with you.

Blessed are you among women,

and blessed is the

fruit of your womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary,

Mother of God,

pray for us sinners now,

                           and at the hour of our death. Amen.

The glory of Christmas

shines its light on our lives.

‘When peaceful silence lay over all,

and night had run her swift course,

your all-powerful word,

O Lord, leaped down from heaven,

from the royal throne.’

Christmas Liturgy

‘Open wide the gates for Jesus – let the King of glory enter!’

In Advent we are called to open our hearts anew

to the great mystery of Jesus,

The Word made one of us in the flesh.


Waiting in trust, even when things seemed impossible,

was how Mary spent the Advent of our Lord’s First Coming.

We ask her to be with all who have to wait in difficult situations –

These are the photos that made the world stand still in 2015


Refuees wating for a homeland.

The sick waiting for a bed  in hospital. 

The Child waiting to be born. The lonely waiting for a friendly face.

May they all find a home in our hearts and prayers.


A sick elderly staying at a hospital | premium image by


Real! by Lee Jeffries on 500px










November 8th. Feast of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity – a French Carmelite Nun.

Her love and insights into the Mystery of The Most Holy Trinity continue to inspire and help us all.

    ‘O my God,

Trinity Whom I adore,

..give peace to my soul;

make it your Heaven,

Your beloved dwelling

and resting place.

May I never leave You there alone

but be wholly adoring,

and wholly surrendered to Your Creative Action.’

From St. Elizabeth’s prayer to the Most Holy Trinity










We need to cultivate, think upon and seek

the companionship of Jesus, our Lord, and Friend.

No one should withdraw from

the Most Sacred Humanity of

Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He Himself says that He is the Way,

He is the Light and the Truth.

The good Jesus is too good company

for us to forsake Him.

He will teach us how to pray to  ‘Our Father.’

St. Teresa of Jesus











We had the joy of having the new

Pilgrim Statue of  Our Lady of Knock, with us for two nights before it was unveiled on the 21st. of August.

In Knock we celebrate the 21st. August as a Solemnity of Our Lady of Knock –

while the rest of Ireland remembers her on the 17th. August!









On the 20th. of July Carmelites celebrate

the Feast of the Prophet Elijah, who inspired the first Carmelites living on Mount Carmel.



‘This is the day when, joyfilly and gladly,

we fly in spirit to the heights of Carmel

to tell the praises of the great Elijah,

our holy prophet.’

Morning Prayer Hymn.



‘When he appeared at Christ’s Tranfiguration

where was shown his Lord’s eternal glory,

he stood, true witness with the prophet Moses,

radiant on Thabor’

Evening Prayer Hymn





The months fly by so swiftly – each bringing its own blessing.

On the Feast of the Visitation, May 31st. 2019 we had the great joy of Sister Angela’s First Profession.

As we celebrate the great feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus we turn to Him in Love and Thanksgiving.

Like a Shepherd, He feeds His flock, and carries the lambs in His arms –

Tenderly holding them close to His Heart

leading them home!


‘Bring flowers of the rarest, bring blossoms the fairest,

from garden and woodland and hillside and dale;…

Our glad voices telling the praise of

the loveliest flower of the vale.’

May is always a special month in Knock,

the Pilgrimage Season starts

and the grounds are flooded with beauty. 

The trees are in fresh leaf and the flowers truly at their fairest.

We entrust all the requests for prayer into Mary’s hands.

May God’s beauty and compassion overflow into our hearts

bringing us all healing and peace


‘The loveliest masterpiece

of the heart of God

is the heart of a Mother’

St. Thérèse of Lisieux










Come let us worship the Lord. Let us bow down in the presence our maker for He is our God the one who loves us.







St Teresa of Avila quotes



‘Prayer is simply a loving heart to heart encounter


with Him who we know loves us’

St. Teresa of Jesus




 ‘God deliver us from sour-faced saints!’

– St. Teresa.









St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus















“I will spend my heaven doing good on earth!”

St. Thérèse














September 29th Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels

Vist this house, we pray you Lord drive far

away from it all the snares of the enemy.

May your holy Angels stay here and guard us

in peace, and let your blessing be always

upon us. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

from  Night Prayer of the Church



                                                                       ‘Angels of God you see the Father’s face,

                                                                                             Sharing his splendour, clothed in fire and flame,

              Worshipping him the awesome and the great,

                                                                                                                                 Singing forever: Holy is his name!’

                                                    from the Hymn for the feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangel

When God speaks to us

the first words are always

‘Be not afraid’.

In fact these words occur, in various ways,

365 times in Scripture –

one for each day of the Year!


Glorify the Lord with me.

Together let us praise his name.

Look towards him and be radiant.

This poor one called; the Lord heard

and rescued me from all my distress.

The angel of the Lord surrounds

all those who revere and love God.

   we are indeed happy if we seek refuge in Him.   


Based on Psalm 33


In the twilight of life,

God will not judge us

on our earthly possessions

and human success,

but rather on how much

we have loved

                                                                      St. John of the Cross

‘We know very well that the Blessed Virgin

is Queen of Heaven and Earth,

but she is more Mother than Queen.’

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus










Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you,

Blessed are you among women

and blessed is the fruit of your womb – Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners

now and at the hour of our death, Amen.








O, we love you Mary, trusting all to thee –

what is past and present what is yet to be.

















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