Prayer Space 2020 - Carmelite Monastery - Knock, Tranquilla
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Prayer Space 2020

Prayer Space 2020

January 1st. Feast of Mary, Mother of God.


We are blessed to start the Year with Our Lady,

Mother of our God become Man for us.

On the cross, Jesus gave Mary to us as our Mother

and it is to her we fly for protection

as the Covid 19 pandemic reaches its highest level yet.

We do everything we can to keep safe

and to keep others safe but after that our help is

‘in the Name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth’




On Sunday 3rd. of January we will remember the Holy Name of Jesus.

Let us pray this holy name to offer glory to Him,

for the power of this Holy Name casts out all evil.


‘At the Name of Jesus,

Every knee shall bow

and every tongue confess

that Jesus Christ is Lord

to the glory of God the Father’






‘Christ has been born for us. Come let us adore Him!’

‘Unto us, a Child is given,

Christ our Saviour brings release;

Counsellor, Eternal Father,

God made man and Prince of Peace.

Born of Mary, gentle Virgin,

By the Spirit of the Lord;

From eternal ages spoken:

This, the mighty Father’s Word.

Stanbrook Abbey Hymnal















 In Advent ‘the hopes and fears of all the years’

are gathered together in a great cry of:

‘Come Lord Jesus!’

And, in 2020, this cry echoes around our bewildered humanity

as we try to make sense of a pandemic that has traumatized our world.

The hardest part for us all seems to be that

‘We have no one to tell us how long it will last.


We bring our shared sorrow to the Lord of Mercy

Praying that He will shorten these days for all His children

May Our Lady of Advent 

Bless and keep us safe

as we await with her 

The coming of Jesus





October 15th. is the Feastday of St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila).

Fifty years ago Pope Paul VI

named St. Teresa

the first woman Doctor of the Church.

Her writings have the blessing of a ‘Teaching Position’ in the family of the Church.


If ever a saint had her heart in heaven

and her feet firmly on the ground –

it was Teresa of Jesus!

St. Teresa’s Bookmark

As a child St. Teresa loved to repeat: ‘Forever! Forever! Forever!’

She was trying to get a handle on the reality of eternity.

She is a great realist who knows, and teaches that:

‘All things pass – save God’ Whenever St. Teresa heard a clock strick she reminded herself, and others, that life was passing and it is not worth spending it on trifles.

The only thing that really matters is Love – love of God and true love of neighbour.

This is the only currency Teresa was interested in – because it is the only thing we can take with us when we die!

If all things pass away, well then, St. Teresa tells us that we better get interested in that which lasts forever

– God, who is Love.

The more love we sow in this life the happier we will be in heaven. so:


‘In You Lord, Creation finds its joy, you have clothed it in your beauty’

St. John of the Cross

Psalm 64:

To you our praise is due in Zion, O God.

To you we pay our vows, you who hear our prayer.

The ends of the earth stand in awe at the sight of your wonders,

The lands of sunrise and sunset you fill with your joy.

You care for the earth, give it water,

You fill it with riches.

You crown the year with your goodness. 

Abundance flows in your steps, 

 in the pastures of the wilderness it flows. 

The hills are girded with joy,

the meadows covered with flocks, 

The valleys are decked with wheat. 

They shout for joy.

‘In You lord, Creation finds its joy, you have clothed it in your beauty’

On 1 st. of September Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Orthodox and Evangelicals from all over the world united to celebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation which launched the ‘Season of Creation’, an ecumenical initiative that aims to increase awareness among Christians of the need to protect our common home. The Season of Creation runs from Sept. 1st. to Oct. 4th. Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and ecology.

For more information see:


Living our Faith amidst the Covid 19 pandemic.

Who is she ascends so high,

Next the heavenly King,

Round about whom angels fly

And her praises sing?

This is she in whose pure womb

Heaven’s Prince remained;

Therefore in no earthly tomb

Can she be contained.


The month of August is usually the most beloved of months here in Knock.

The glorious Solemnity of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother Mary into heaven starts the Novena of Our Lady of Knock.

Although this year is a sad one –

as the Shrine may not open to the public on this great day.

This is because the usual crowds would be more than the ‘Covid 19’ law allows at present;

and how can you say “This many and no more!?”.

Let us not forget it was in a time of deep sadness and the distress of famine

that Mary came to us in 1879 – She will not fail us in 2020! 

16th of July Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Star of sea and ocean,

gateway to man’s haven,

Mother of our Maker,

hear our prayer, O Maiden.

Guard us through life’s dangers

never turn and leave us.

May our hope find harbour

in the calm of Jesus.

Sing to God the Father

through the Son who saves us.

Joyful in the Spirit,

everlasting praises.


                                           Aylesford Carmelite Priory, England.

God does not ask us

to be brave

but to trust –

nor does He ask us

to do great things

but to clothe ourselves

in the holiness of

His Merciful Son – Jesus.


God does not ask us

to be brave

but to trust –

nor does He ask us

to do great things

but to clothe ourselves

in the holiness of

His Merciful Son – Jesus.

This has been very different Easter for us all

but the hope of the Risen Lord is ours to proclaim!

Rejoice,  heavenly powers!

Sing choirs of angels!

Exult all creation around

God’s Throne!

Jesus Christ, our King is risen!

Rejoice, O earth in shining splendour,

Christ has conqured! Glory fills you!

Darkness vanishes for ever!































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