Prayer Requests - Carmelite Monastery - Knock, Tranquilla
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Prayer Requests

There are all manner of things, events, happenings, and conversations going on every day for all of us. If there is something or somebody you would like to be included in our prayers, you can contact us below.

Although we cannot undertake to reply to individual messages, your requests for prayer will be brought to the attention of the community. Be assured we will carry your intentions in prayer before the Lord.

DATA PROTECTION: Your prayer requests are totally confidential and we do not use your contact details for any purpose. They are not recorded in any way. All emails are shredded electronically each week. However, your intentions are still included in our prayers. Please be discreet when asking prayers for someone other than yourself, unless they have given you permission to ask us – you can simply say ‘Pray for X. who is ill or in difficulties etc. Thank you.

Please send all prayer requests to:


For more information about becoming a Carmelite


All prayer is a gift of the Holy Spirit: It transcends time, space and all human limitations, through its power.

‘You can be present wherever there is need, carried there by your compassionate love, by that very love which you draw from the Divine Heart of Jesus… which eases pain, saves and redeems humanity

St. Teresa Benedicta – Edith Stein